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Reverse Osmosis Equipment & Under-Counter Drinking Water Systems

Do you have customers who are unhappy with the way their tap water tastes or smells? Perhaps they already have some water conditioning equipment installed, but it is not effective enough. Reverse osmosis (RO) systems could be a good add-on solution.

The goal of RO systems is generally to eliminate reliance on costly and burdensome bottled water for the home or business user. When you want to help your customers kick the bottled water habit and replace it with on-demand, high-quality water right from the tap, see Alan Manufacturing first. Our line of reverse osmosis equipment is second to none.

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Reverse Osmosis Drinking System

Reverse Osmosis Drinking System

Reverse Osmosis Drinking System

Drinking Water System

Reverse Osmosis Drinking System

Reverse Osmosis Drinking System

How Does a Reverse Osmosis System Work?

A reverse osmosis system uses water pressure to force incoming water through several filtration stages, including the primary semipermeable RO membrane, to remove impurities from water. The particles that reverse osmosis systems can remove, such as salt, heavy metals, and dissolved minerals, are often not as easily removed by other water treatment systems.

A glass of clean water with osmosis filter and cartridges in a kitchen interior. Concept Household filtration system.

Stages of Filtration

The main filtration stages include a sediment filter to remove particles, a carbon filter to remove chemicals, a reverse osmosis filter (RO membrane), and a polishing (carbon) post filter to do a final removal of unpleasant odors and taste remaining in the water.

There are optional stages of filtration that you can add to your reverse osmosis system. These include additional sediment filters for smaller particles and UV lights to kill bacteria and remove nitrates.

Removing the Contaminated Water

After purification, the filtered water goes into a holding tank, and only delicious, sparkling clear water is dispensed from the specialized tap.

reverse osmosis

Components of an RO System

Reverse osmosis systems contain the filtration stage elements such as the filters, membrane, and storage tank, as well as several other components. These typically include:

  • A cold water line valve that connects to the water supply
  • An automatic shut off valve (SOV) that turns off the RO system when the storage tank becomes full
  • A check valve to prevent water from flowing backward out of the storage tank
  • A flow restrictor to regulate water flow heading through the RO membrane
  • A specialized faucet that is installed directly to the kitchen sink

Additionally, our Waterfall Systems reverse osmosis systems feature an exclusive manifold plate with a patented channel design that reduces tubing connections and simplifies installation.

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Why Choose Waterfall Systems?

Our Waterfall Systems brand has earned a solid reputation as an industry leader among water treatment systems for nearly any residential, commercial, or industrial application. This is because we manufacture our equipment with the highest quality components at Alan Manufacturing & Supply’s specialized facility right here in Lancaster, PA. We sell exclusively to plumbing trade professionals and never cut corners.

Additionally, we have solutions for any possible water challenges your customers may face. Beyond our water conditioning equipment, we also provide UV systems, reverse osmosis systems, and more.

We know that our trade partners rely on AMS to provide the best-performing products that meet their customers’ water needs, and we take this responsibility seriously. Your customers are our customers.

Waterfall Systems Water Conditioners

We Service What We Sell

At AMS, we proudly stand behind our quality workmanship. As part of our commitment to our plumbing industry partners, we provide industry-leading warranties on our equipment, and we can also fix it in-house when needed. We can even help you with delivery and pick-up within our service area around Lancaster, PA.

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