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UV Systems by Waterfall Systems™

Home and business owners who rely on a private water supply should seriously consider having a UV system installed, even if water testing does not reveal bacterial or other microorganism contamination today. These germicidal units provide peace of mind and require minimal maintenance over time.

Our Waterfall Systems line of compact ultraviolet disinfection equipment is ideal for whole house filtration, reverse osmosis pre-filtration, and more. Low power consumption operates for just pennies a day, and our units are designed for easy homeowner or professional maintenance. As you would expect with this type of design, the UV lamp can be changed.

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Ultra Violet System

Ultra Violet System
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When to Install UV Germicidal Units

Ultraviolet light presents a practical and straightforward method of destroying disease-causing microorganisms in water. When water testing shows that your customer’s water supply contains bacteria (such as E. coli), protozoan parasites (Giardia, Cryptosporidium), or even some viruses, a UV germicidal unit is needed to disinfect the water and make it safe to drink and use.

While those on municipal water systems do not likely have issues with infected water due to chlorination and other chemical treatments at the central water plant, your customers with private wells are at risk. And, even if a particular customer hasn’t had trouble in the past, the quality of their well water can change over time.

Typically, installing a UV system is more cost-effective than routinely retesting water and waiting for illness-causing contamination to occur. Those with private wells should consider having a UV system installed to address active bacteria issues or as a preventative measure.

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Need help with water testing services to help diagnose problem water? Just let us know!

Details About Our Waterfall Systems/AMS UV Germicidal Units

Proper UV system sizing is critical for water treatment effectiveness. These are three of our most popular units with specific capacities. We can also help you customize systems with greater flow rates.


  • Up to 7 GPM Flow Rate
  • 3/4″ MPT IN/OUT
  • 120V


  • Up to 10 GPM Flow Rate
  • 3/4″ MPT IN/OUT
  • 120V


  • Up to 16 GPM Flow Rate
  • 1″ MPT IN/OUT
  • 120V

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Features of all units include:

  • 304 stainless steel chamber
  • 365-day countdown ballast
  • Accepts open end or closed one-end quartz tube sleeves
  • All replacement bulbs are 4-pin flat
  • Designed for horizontal or vertical mounting

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Need a Replacement Lamp? Check with AMS First!

AMS stocks all lamps and replacement parts for our Waterfall Systems UV germicidal units. But that’s not all. We always have replacement lamps and quartz sleeves for most UV equipment by other manufacturers in stock, including Sterilight, Lancaster, Sanitron, ATS, and other popular brands.

Having a difficult time finding a particular UV lamp? Just let us know, and we can help you locate it or suggest alternatives. Give us a call at (717) 394-7322 or stop by the showroom!

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Why Choose Waterfall Systems?

Our Waterfall Systems brand has earned a solid reputation as an industry leader among water treatment systems for nearly any residential, commercial, or industrial application. This is because we manufacture our equipment with the highest quality components at Alan Manufacturing & Supply’s specialized facility right here in Lancaster, PA. We sell exclusively to plumbing trade professionals and never cut corners.

Additionally, we have solutions for any possible water challenges your customers may face. Beyond our water conditioning equipment, we also provide UV systems, reverse osmosis systems, and more.

We know that our trade partners rely on AMS to provide the best-performing products that meet their customers’ water needs, and we take this responsibility seriously. Your customers are our customers.

Waterfall Systems Water Conditioners

We Service What We Sell

At AMS, we proudly stand behind our quality workmanship. As part of our commitment to our plumbing industry partners, we provide industry-leading warranties on our equipment, and we can also fix it in-house when needed. We can even help you with delivery and pick-up within our service area around Lancaster, PA.

Have questions or need help with service on our Waterfall Systems products? Don’t hesitate to call us at (717) 394-7322 or check out our online troubleshooting and installation resources for plumbers.

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