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Problem Water Filtration Equipment by Waterfall Systems™

Hard water is one thing, but other impurities and contaminants, such as heavy metals and bacteria, can make water downright dangerous to drink or use for other household and business purposes. Iron-rich or acidic water can damage plumbing and appliances, while foul odors caused by elements like sulfur can make living or working with affected water impossible.

Luckily, Alan Manufacturing & Supply (AMS) has a variety of targeted filtration options that can eliminate these problem water issues. Our Waterfall Systems filtration equipment gives plumbing trade professionals the tools you need to help your customers—and we can customize solutions with different backwash control valves such as Fleck, Autotrol, or Clack. Just let us know what you need.

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Featured Products:

EC Series Iron Handler

EC Series Iron Handler

AD Series Acid Neutralizer

AD Series Acid Neutralizer

AD Series Taste and Odor Filter

AD Series Taste and Odor Filter

Problem Water Filtration Solutions: When Water Conditioning Isn’t Enough

Water softeners are designed to reduce water hardness, and they do an excellent job. However, water softeners and water conditioning equipment do not remove other damaging or dangerous contaminants such as iron, lead, chlorine, sulfur, bacteria, or nitrates. To handle “problem water” that contains these harmful elements and organisms, a targeted water filtration solution is typically necessary. These can include:

  • Iron handlers
  • Acid neutralizers
  • Taste and odor filters
  • Sediment filters

At AMS, we offer these effective equipment options—and more—that can be coupled with other solutions, like our water softeners, UV systems, and reverse osmosis systems, or used on their own. Whether your customer’s water is unsafe or just has unappealing odors/taste, we can help you customize a high-value system that will meet their needs.

Need help with water testing services to help diagnose problem water? Just let us know!

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Why Choose Waterfall Systems?

Our Waterfall Systems brand has earned a solid reputation as an industry leader among water treatment systems for nearly any residential, commercial, or industrial application. This is because we manufacture our equipment with the highest quality components at Alan Manufacturing & Supply’s specialized facility right here in Lancaster, PA. We sell exclusively to plumbing trade professionals and never cut corners.

Additionally, we have solutions for any possible water challenges your customers may face. Beyond our water conditioning equipment, we also provide UV systems, reverse osmosis systems, and more.

We know that our trade partners rely on AMS to provide the best-performing products that meet their customers’ water needs, and we take this responsibility seriously. Your customers are our customers.

Waterfall Systems Water Conditioners

We Service What We Sell

At AMS, we proudly stand behind our quality workmanship. As part of our commitment to our plumbing industry partners, we provide industry-leading warranties on our equipment, and we can also fix it in-house when needed. We can even help you with delivery and pick-up within our service area around Lancaster, PA.

Have questions or need help with service on our Waterfall Systems products? Don’t hesitate to call us at (717) 394-7322 or check out our online troubleshooting and installation resources for plumbers.

1085 Manheim Pike Lancaster, PA 17601

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